From Age Four

Little baby girl at age four
Who are you now I've never seen you before
Where's my mommy
Where's my dad
Grandma says the story is too sad
I wonder what life I could’ve had
Thoughts rush through my head
Long nights crying on a lonely bed
Fine line of sanity I tread
Hoping and praying my parents aren’t dead
Age 16 a beautiful daughter
This little girl finally with a mother and father
To them she was always theirs
From little bumps and bruises to clumsy falls down the stairs
Mom loves to fix my hair
Dad loves to help me mend and repair
There is reason to smile and not be scared
Age 18 as beautiful as can be
Getting ready to take flight and set free
Never have I been independent to this degree
Painted nails black and blaring rock music
Trying to keep calm and push through it
In needed someone there
My family was always there.

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