From an Empty Canvas to Beautiful Perfection

My canvas is marked by etching memories of the past
The ink flows from its colorless sheets of blood
Gushing into puddles of deep thoughts and empathy
Red rage and charcoal black conceals me
The deep blue sorrow that moves through me
The muddy brown uncertainty, the dark gray panic
The Tarnished manipulation, the translucent worry.
Depicted colors marking my soul while smearing it in
Streaming into endless rivers. Colors swirling until
My soul has been undressed of all its colors. I stand
upright, a devoid canvas. Ready to be altered
Into a work of art. Now I select the colors
Millions of pigments combined. My brushed braised
Across my easel. I want to paint something exquisite
What if I can't wash out the blemishes that once
drenched my canvas? But I can paint over them. Apricot
orange adventure. Bright yellow cheerfulness. Lavender
purple calm. Grassy green tranquility. Delicate pink
passion. Baby blue inspiration. Light gray empathy.
Whatever colors to obtain lucidity. My lightly dyed
Bristles continued to brush, swirling and etching.
Until my canvas isn't blank and the blemishes have
Been covered forever. From an Empty Canvas to
Beautiful Perfection.

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This Poems Story

A young girl who is has some dark memories. She is an artist as well. She decides to create a new image of herself. Straying away from the dark side of things and trying to see the light. She can now see herself as beautiful perfection.