From Darkness to Light

I miss the days where the monsters were found under my bed
rather than battling a war in my god damn head.
I thank the the stars and the universe that I didn’t end up dead.
Had I kept on doing what I was doing that’s how it would have had to end.
With age and wisdom they have subsided
Now I get up refreshed and refuse to be blinded.

One can’t deny this world is full of madness,
I believe it can change but we must end the sadness.
Jealousy is an awful trait,
but it comes natural for those who love to hate.
We can decrease this hurt population by at least an eighth.
by accepting who we are sooner rather than late.

Healers are revealing themselves all around.
But they will leave you behind without a sound.
They are the ones who will love you the most,
but if you drain them too much, they will become a ghost.

I didn’t realize I had social anxiety until I was nearly 23,
but after connecting all the dots I finally felt free.
Without therapy and pills I accepted this is me.
Now I don’t give a damn and can stand tall like a tree.

I am grateful for the life I have been given,
I celebrate everyday like it’s Thanksgiving.
This is what God wanted from us,
to survive a struggle and rise from the dust.

It may be tempting to ring the devil’s doorbell,
But this act could lead to an unbreakable spell.
Typically years of only horrors and a desire to yell
The feeling of parasites attacking your cells.

One can overcome this burning desire,
I can reveal this secret
The soul must be set on fire.
Once the fire is out and it’s time to rebuild,
Find a hobby that gives you a personal thrill.
Life is about balance and not just about bills.
We just want to feel like a kid again rolling down a hill.

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