From Deep Within

This world gets crazier with every passing day.
With every situation, my mind slips farther away.
I'm really close to slipping, but I beg myself to stay.
When the demons surround me, I bow my head and pray.

The temptation is always there, but I refuse to give in.
I feel like a missionary, in a world full of sin.
I'm not sure where the lies started and the truth begins.
I must seek all the answer from deep within.

I trust myself to make the decisions that I know are right.
I must face my conscience when I lay down at night.
For I know that everything done in the dark, will come to light.

When I look at the new generation, I realize what I am fighting for.
It's their actions that will decide what the future has in store.
Satan may have won some battles, but I am determined to win the war!

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