From Gray, Blue To Red Eyes.

remembering that empty feeling, of pain
I might as well drive u insane.
almost seems as if I feel gray.
neediness no more. But nevertheless no tear fall from my cheeks.
the feeling of gray,
its the feeling I like to stay.
and when I am done its only begun, day by day
my eyes turn blue,
lets just say it isn't true
water touches the surface.
heart seems to have seeped out of my body
and ran away with you, with you.
I could see my blue eyes,
in the reflection of the tears in the palms of my hands.
I look u into the morning sky,
its 3:00am,
clouds turn red, I feel as if I could dance with the devil,
since he paid me a visit at these hard times
this is were I am told lies,red eyes,
the serpent told me if I hate
from here now will quench my fait
the pain will dissipate, I took the bait.
now its to late I fell in love the devil,
and theirs nothing I can do about it.

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