From Heaven to Hell

Serenity stretching beyond the far off shore
Diamond eyes twinkling on the ebony canvas
A gentle breath of life-giving air blowing over the land
The shhhh of the leaves on the elegant elm trees
A warm glow inside, that keeps growing peacefully
Water lapping at the welcoming shore
Crickets singing their serenade to the serene world

Firelights piercing through the black, cold night
Volcanic explosions spewing out charred remains
Shrieking, crying, moaning in the charcoal craters
Rat-tat-tat of the mechanical monsters
Dark red carpet for as far as the eye can see
Sirens shrilling calling "Get back in the hole!"
The stench of wasted opportunity in the dying world

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This Poems Story

This was written listening to the news many, many years ago. I realized that, in a matter of moments, life could go from peaceful, calm and happy to deadly, frantic and scary for anyone, anywhere. It was one of those eye opening moments for a person filled with compassion, love and empathy for all.