From her mouth to her heart

From her mouth to her heart, a dotted line showed
It dripped from her lips down to a painted on X
It was to remind her she could now speak
Her words went together as beautifully as the sounds of xylophones
The only problem was no one could hear them in her solitude
She walked around, and the dotted line showed
Like a path to the end of a map, she made on-lookers curious
The peculiar girl pointed her lips slightly upwards toward the clouds
Having conversations as high as kites, the dotted line glowed
It was seeping the poet’s blood
Her words were cutting her open in all their glory
But it was rather enchanting instead of bloodcurdling
Like a band of musicians, her words came together like soft melodies of acoustic guitars
Her words were coming and the magic was giving
The World was ending, but nobody knew it had been
In silence, the poetic heart was beaten
Her mouth did the damage with her and each blank page
Pen in hand, she was ripping her heart open as she wrote

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