From My Mind To Yours

Will I ever set free
that artistic voice inside of me
that wants to be heard
but fears that if spoken
would in reality sound absurd

As a child, never wrote
never wanted to make note
of my thoughts
If said aloud,
they just wouldn’t make the shot

Things kept within my mind
never required perfection
Liked being in my head
didn’t need any attention

Now I write,
But in my head I fight myself
tearing through ideas
on a make-believe shelf
Can’t seem to make a match
of my thoughts to written word
I lied,
I need more than to just be heard

I need Understanding;
Understanding is key
for writing is useless
if the only one who understands is Me

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem in frustration with being unable to fully portray my profound thinking within my writing and spoken word. I often feel as if I can't express my ideas to their full extent, which then causes me to feel as if I'm not being truly understood. So, that is mostly what this poem is about.