from my window

from my window
June 17, 2011 at 9:02pm

from my window i see it all
families out walking, or the rain as it falls
the shades will protect , you from me
so life can go on and forget about me
way up high,i feel like a god
so i can judge you,and you can not
but thats not the case, no not at all
i welcome the day in which i might fall
behind many locks,and a flight of stairs
i reside in isolation as if anyone cared
now from my window, i wish i was you
i pray for a family ,that prays for me too
but my window protects me, from feeling at all
and to avoid the exposure, until my life halts
noone will notice,nor will they care
so out the window,i will stare
what makes u happy, is a two sided thing
what goes up must go down , quite saddening
theres a very thin line, between life and death
mine is my window ,as you mightve just guessed
love, pain & sorrow ,and all that you've lost
is enough to tempt you ,to have that line crossed
but this didnt happen overnight you see
as you are so happy,well once was me
now its all gone,and the past is the past
so i'll sit in my window,till i break the glass

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