From Nature’s View

From nature's view ignorance is bliss, everything means nothing, each person's life a puff of mist

Hold onto the Lord the tightest of all, without him you are sure to fall

Pray without ceasing enough is never enough

Don't forget God during the good times, he was on your mind all day when you had it rough

Ignite the raw emotion inside of your young and senseless heart

If you aren't ready to extend your full love to another, don't even bother to start

One day each person's soul from their body will depart

Is it really the end for them, or a bright new start?

Can something be bright but appear to be dark?

Can one speak words without speaking, and just a thought spark?

Do you question everything in life, or only do what you are taught?

Life is continuing on, whether you're ready for it or not

Never set limits, always think outside of the box

The second you set limits, your true potential locks

Don't set the foundation of your life upon sand ,but instead with the Lord's stable rock

One motion and all is over, like the unknowing moment of him at your soul's door with a knock

Your life, a continuously ticking clock

Each moment a chance to learn and soak in wisdom, that won't ever be forgot

It's about what's inside of your heart when it's all over who would've thought?

Life is not a game are you ready or not?

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