from start to finish

Come, come righteous day
Take my soul and leave me stray
Break this bond and don't you stay
Steal my brain my mind is strained
Lost in thought my body's chained
Leave me wondering where I'm shamed
Enter my wits and you'd be inflamed
Let me be my soma's drained
Wrongly trying to rid the pain
Almost addictive as cocaine

Come, come the day I'm free
Long and hard this fight was fought
I've watched the diminishing sights
Felt too many frights
and somehow my head is screwed on tight
Fleeing the demons inside
Left with nothing but gnide

Come, come the day I part
Adorn my body like a work of art
Let me be someone else's start
Praise my mark like Rene Descartes
From here pure existence will be reassert
Departure of all resent
Felonies are subvert
and then I could feel superior
But until then so long

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