From Strangers To Friends

You came into my life like a soft, gentle , moan.
So quiet,
Yet soothing, like a gentle breeze blowing softly through the Autumn leaves.
You were just a typical stranger at first,
One who laughed freely, someone who could easily of spoken of minor flaws and
common grounds.
You were someone who made me feel strangely, oddly enough, liked and valued.
You became my friend.
No longer were you a stranger,
Entrusting me with hidden secrets,
Confiding in the differences of things you liked or hated.
We would talk, and we shared great laughs.
As time passed us both by,
I grew more dependent on having to see your smile.
From strangers,
To friends
All it took was a simple baby step..
The step a thousand others wouldn’t even attempt to take every day.
Without your trust,
As well as your trusting ways,
Without your smiles and encouraging gazes,
I would never have taken the step that lead us from being strangers to friends.
You became my guide,
my eyes, ears, never unfailing.
From friends,
To becoming close friends.
Hand in hand,
You brought me along for an adventure of a lifetime.
A simple destination that I had never come close before.
From being my close friend,
You became my best friend along our journey,
You had become an anchor in my life, where no one had ever been before.
You did such a flawless job of guiding our steps.
A difficult job that no other could ever do.
Just know, it wasn’t your fault,
That one day, I had stumbled.
Somewhere along our adventures path,
Maybe it was the heights.
Making me dizzy, but with joy
I had simply lost my balance one day,
I had fallen.
God, as my witness, I had fallen.
Neither to the side.
Nor to the rear.
I had fallen.
Rather than moving forward,
My steps that made me fall, you never intended on happening.
I had fallen,
Simply fallen in love with you.

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