From the Dark to Broght, From The Cold To Light

From the dark to bright, from the cold to light
Many a times I strolled,
Into the deep jungle dark cold.
I used to watch as a predator, ruthlessly
kill and gobble up its game lamentlessly.
I could see the animals mourning their lost ones,
Some thinking that this is what God wants.
Oh! How could I forget that unsettling sight?
How could I neglect the creatures’ plight?

But one day when I was walking through,
The same old, creepy, cold boulevard.
I saw a glimmering warm soothing light,
But to reach that light I had to fight,
Fight my way through the night,
In the break of the dawn reached the halo
And saw all the animals that had been killed.
Laughing and talking to each other,
With no fear or guilt.
I have reached the place I so desired,
The home of god so bright and majestic.
So happy I am in this imperial abode,
Where all the creatures love and rejoice

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