From the Heart

How I enjoy these moments as I drift back
just to listen to some ancient track
when rock was so much fun
none of this thumping of the bass drum

In a white room listen to god as he playe his guitar
that is why he’s the cream of a superstar
then we’re blowin free with wishbone ash
flowing music that takes us away from today’s trash

Gentle ripples floating through time
with the words of genesis they all rhyme
as the sounds whisper Egypt of a distant past
for dio emerges from the eastern magical cast

I look up and a colourful bird flies over me
a holy diver awaiting to be set free
now the doors of my inner mind
takes me to a Spanish caravan of another time

Within this void their is no need to rush around
as I bid farewell to the kings of sound
now I feel I’m getting closer to the heart
my world is now so far apart

Looking back I can see strange lands as we sail
adrift on the Tacoma trailer trail
for I can hear the music of leap arc Cohen as I drift along
as I await to hear the next song

(C) Jim Morrison

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This Poems Story

It’s the love of music I do enjoy and Rock is what within my heart is what I desire so I pay tribute to some of the bands that have filled me with fondness over the years