From the Vanishing Point Comes a Power

By Jehu   

From deep down in the soul of man comes a cry
it comes from a place beyond reason, beyond pain
from a vanishing point, a seemingly black hole
from which no eye has beheld
and the understanding is left without a voice
This cry is only perceived and felt,
yet remains not comprehended
only misunderstood at best
Men have tried to tame this force and bend it to their will
but only have suffered greatly
and ended stuck in unpleasant places
This cry can only be yielded to
or it may destroy the one who tries to control it
This cry can be perfect flow, or its a miserable despair.
We may not understand it, but it always understands us.
Some call it the secret or other self, some call it God,
Some even in disillusionment call it the evil self, or a devil
because in their rebellion
they blame it for all their shortcomings.
The only way it appears evil or good is
through the lens of our perception
It is this burning fire from which all things flow
without it their would be no growth,
no yearning for more life
without it there would be no expression of life
no worship, no praise
It is the very cry of sonship, the spawn of God
who originates in the place of eternity beyond time and space.
It has been the one who never leaves or forsakes us
but haunts us day in and day out to feel and listen to his ways
Seedless we are without it as a barren wilderness,
lord-less as an abandoned harlot are we without bowing under its covering
It is the Christ our hope of Godliness.
It is destined to rise within our carnal nature
and transform us into vessels of honor
It is our hope of oneness, wholeness and completeness.
It is the true son of God that we have only heard preached about.
It is the stone that we have rejected over and over
yet it still whispers, I am the real you, the one you forgot.
The Bride will not be completed without the seed,
and the Groom will not multiply without filling the womb.
Oh what a helpless state we stay in when we believe our savior abides in a place outside of being.

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An attempt to understand the unique power mankind has