From Then to Eternity

In the beginning there was so much promise, hope and opportunity
When the innocence shined bright and thought nothing could ruin me
When the world seemed so big, clean and new to me
When only good influenced me
When we weren't all glued to video games, television, computer screens
A time when it all made sense and nothing was confusing me
A time when I wasn't afraid to pursue my dreams,
When every smile mattered
When love conquered all and you could hear this child's laughter
When mistakes were okay but they'd remind us after
A time when I had little to say, now my actions can't find an answer,
A time when there was peace and quiet
Remember when it was okay to cry, now you're considered weak for crying
When we were proud but now constantly running from BPs and sirens
A time when I actually respected the law but they keep on lying
A time when we spoke our minds, now it's something they keep denying
When I couldn't ever see me dying
When money never mattered but understood we needed food, heat, lighting
When everyone was so proud just to see me trying
When we consoled the weak but now constantly feed the lions
When we could go fist to fist but nowadays these kids need that iron
When helping friends was good but my hands they keep on tying
When I could move on from my mistakes and the past, leave behind me
When I never hid from laughter and you could actually see me smiling
Just a little food for thought and figured some need reminding
I come from a race that cherished the sun and studied the stars,
And to this day it's something I'll keep admiring.

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