From This Day On

From this day on, I will care how I feel.
I will look past the trauma and determine what's real.
From this day on, I will live my life.
Guided by His hand, I will walk in the light.

I know it won't always be sunshine and laughter.
I'll probably get upset about things that don't matter.
I'll fall on my butt more times than I can count;
But the success I will have is worth any amount.

From this day on, I will do the things which strengthen me,
Such as treating my body the way it's supposed to be.
Someday soon, in the mirror, I hope to see
What God envisioned when He first created me.

I'm tired of the Devil spewing lies at me;
Calling me names, telling me I'm unworthy
Of the love and respect that is my right to enjoy -
Pulling strings like I'm just a puppet or a toy.

Well, no more. Not now. Not ever again!
I'll take some deep breaths and count to ten.
I'll look to the future with hope in my eyes
And eventually, I will emerge from disguise.
People will feel of His love through me.
I will look in the mirror and finally see
That I'm becoming the Queen I was always meant to be.

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