From This Side of Heaven

From this side
of the water, I can never see the stars
behind the clouds of smog and bright city lights.
On this side
of the river, no wheat dances
in the wind, no cherry blossom blooms
beneath the halo of the moon
behind an old farm house.
From this side
of the ocean, I cannot see
in your eyes, stars still burning, love ever blooming, so far
from the home that holds your sweetest memories.
On this side of heaven, here
without you,
without knowing,
without seeing or hearing or holding, all I can do
while I am waiting is look
up to the sky,
past the clouds, and imagine the stars are
above your head, watching over you, and that if you're watching them too,
in your dreams they will remind you
that I'll be there when you bring back heaven
to my side of the waters.

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