From top floor

From the top floor, I fell
Deep down into the dark.
Before I could tell,
You were right at mark.

Never would you let me down
Since you caught my eyes.
Wanna go around town
At night, to buy some ice.

Burnt up everything
That worried me a lot,
Would you do anything
To make me a happy bot?

Not a single time,
You had left me alone.
I never paid a dime,
For you provided me loan.

Loan of happiness that
Had me drown in the dream.
You are the precious hat,
Hiding me from others' scream.

You produced flames around,
Being overprotective as brother.
Planted grass on ground
Letting me sleep, like father.

Oh God! What did I do
To earn this much affection?
How will I ever redo
Such acts with perfection?

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