From Us To You

By Alexis   

As I sit outside listening to the rain
I sit and wonder to myself is it a holiday season again?
Seeing Christmas lights, inflatable Santa Claus' to Christmas carols on the radio,
The lack of joy I feel for this season is worse than anybody can ever know.
It's like a reoccurring nightmare every end of the year..
And to think again, it could all be rectified and better if you were still here.
I miss the family traditions.. Christmas dinner, trimming the tree.. outside putting up lights.
Waiting until the kids go to sleep to wrap them Christmas gift right
God please tell me that this is just a nightmare. This just can't be right.
Tell me that when I wake up tomorrow I will see her smiling face.
Tell me that is not true that she's not away from her flesh in that beautiful, golden place.
I miss her smile around this holiday watching everyone open the gift that she picked with love.
If only I could have a laugh, a touch or hug or just everything about her can be seen and heard from above.
I want on Christmas morning when the doorbell rings to open the door and see her standing there.
Smiling with all her glory like she never went anywhere.
All I ask of you God is to just get me through these holidays,
With at least pain possible in every single way.
Help me God to enjoy this holiday season with my new and wonderful, extended friends and family.
I know I don't ask much of you God.. but could you do that for me?
Could you make me happy and smile so my son can enjoy his day too.
Nevertheless, could you tell my mommy,
Merry Christmas mommy... from me and Elijah.. to you.
We love and miss you.

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