Is it possible for anyone to truly know you are? Does a friend really know the real you?

The truth is that no one ever knows who you really are. Most people don't even know themselves.
We put on brave faces. We put on a front. That front may be a bright and shining smile or a dark and gloomy one.
No matter what face you put out to the world, no one will ever know who you truly are.
No person knows your deepest thoughts. No one sees those nights you’ve seemed happy and then broke down in the car.

Why do we hide ourselves like this?
Maybe it’s better to appear strong than weak in the eyes of people we care about.
Maybe we want to be strong.
Being strong is lonely, though.
Being strong means holding your tongue; it means not showing a weak face.
Sometimes it feels like no one truly knows me.
They know such a small fraction of who I am.
They see me laughing and aloof.
I cannot be any other way around them.

They don’t know my interests; my likes, dislikes; my worldviews; who’s in my life right now.

They know not of it.

They love to talk about themselves.

I just listen and wait to get away.

To get back to myself in serenity and comfort.

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