Waisted my life forever tAking back by
The cold HEARTED WOMAN THAT LEFT ME alone frozen too the bone no words to explain I had too watch in spectATER MODE MY LFE GO DOWN THE DRAIN EVIL THOUGHTS RUN THROUH MY brAIN I CANT LET MYSELF DIE IN VAIN FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE HERE NO LONGER ILL HAVE U KNOW UR NO LONGER BOTHERD A BROTHER HOOD FOREVER IN ICE FROZEN TOO THE BONE warmth of a brother that's always home wings of a angle that loves u the most beautiful feathers too fly u acrOsst the COAST LIPS OF A FROZEN CHILD THAT LOVES U THE MOST PLEASE FORGIVE MY SOUL FOR I GOT LOST HEAVEN KNOWS THAT JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS dark in Alaska for six months frozen igloos with kids going nuts frost bite that could take ur life a wisper ilove u n ur ear from ur wife fishing outa hole in antartica with escamos dog sleds n all please lord if the ice cracks dont let me fall...

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