Frozen Heart

Sun comes out and so does the Moon
But of what use is the sunlight,
If you aren't there to shade me anymore
Of what use is the moon,
When I choose to stay in the dark
No longer wanting to walk on a path,
Their hands have grown cold
Their burdensome words, shallow
No longer penetrating this heart
How would they understand your fears,
When they won't even wipe your tears
Everyone can and will listen but how many would acknowledge,
If you bleed in front of them?
Many would push the dagger deeper in your heart
Asking you to bear the pain,
Saying you're almost there
But how many would actually pull it out,
And let you bleed as much as you want?
I wish I were a bird,
Atleast I'd know where my home was,
But wherever would I go?
When my only place is you,
And I wouldn't have known warmth
If it wasn't for your hands,
You are so close and yet so far
You are the light of a candle to my harsh winter night,
Please do not let the flame go out
For my life depends on it,
I feel like a distant memory
Someone had long forgotten about,
Just because you cannot see my heart
Doesn't mean it's not there,
I wish someone would look past me
Past of who I am and who I could be,
The cold wind blows
And this heartache grows,
My heart cries all the time
And I have yet to shed a tear,
With the snow filling all of it's cracks
My heart no longer whimpers,
And with a frozen heart, I welcome winters
For the Sun of my life is almost setting.

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This Poems Story

After losing someone beloved, the winter seems to always stay by my side even in summers. I wrote down my feelings so I could at least feel a little warmth.