Frozen Metal

Girl sitting with a can in her hand
Cans go cold, you know
Like stars in her heart and the worry in her dreams
They go cold, too

I love. And she loves. She holds her head and cries in her hands
Because used-to-be's are flying away
Flying at the hands of time.

Me and my friends, we sing drunk and sober
We look at each other sweetly and say,
Ah life! Without really knowing what that means to say
such a thing.
But then came my turn, to talk and to think
Looking round the room, silent faces staring at
A can passed to me.
"Life is just a row of canned peaches, my life is a,
a gravel road and I have to keep laying down cement"

I would laugh and I'd cry, I would cry for her
And pretty soon everyone was laugh-crying too
And I saw her stomach getting round and I
Could really only think of her to blame

Cans go cold, you know
They really do
I am an old woman, maybe too old
My can, too, must be going cold.

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