frozen tears

“frozen tears”

i sit outside and admire the first snow fall of the season as the white of winter traps the last colors of autumn in its deadfall of frost
the freshly iced over ground
makes for a crisp and crunchy walk to the lake
i walk quietly through the woods hearing nothing except the soft whistle of the wind waltzing through the bits of leaves left on the trees
and the the light crunching of my feet as i fracture the glass like trail
as i approach the lake i hear the distant cry of a flock of canadian geese in the air flying swiftly through the bitter winds as they head south trying to escape the arctic weather
while examining the greys and white across the horizon i walk to the edge of the old rickety dock
i stop and look down at the almost transparent layer of silky ice gently covering the surface of the water... i jump the thin layer of ice shattering just like a picture frame being thrown from 100 stories up
the frigid water burns my skin as hot a fire as my last bit of warmth evaporates into the glacial pool of death
feeling myself starting to choke for air i begin to swim back up to the surface
i pull my numb body onto the dock and lay back staring blankly up into the sky as it begins to snow
i close my eyes feeling the frozen tears of earth hit my body then immediately melt away seeping through my wet clothes and onto my skin, settling in my soul
as i open my eyes the white winters have final taken over and the colors of autumn will remain dead until next year

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