Frozen Water Fall

I walk out of the blue shimmering water.
My eyes clearing to a perfect gaze at a beautiful blazing sunset.
With the ocean draining at the end of my fingertips
I start to realize I can hold this ocean with my own hands.
I walk along the beach with the sand diving deeper
into our earth's surface with each step I take.
I look into the sky blue water
and see a small reflection
of that beautiful sunset across the horizon.
As I start to walk back up the beach I realized
this is home to me but that all ends when I wake up.
I listen to the sound of the breeze
the wind making the trees dance
to the pitter-patter of the lightest rain that god has ever cried.
Its peaceful here it's a place were I can be myself
I put my hand out of this little shelter
and one little drop lands on my hand
not moving a mussel the slight breeze
makes the drop skid across my hand and hang
at the edge of my finger like a frozen water fall.

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