If you spare the rod.
Spoil the child.
Do not get mad.
When they drive you wild.
Over the years.
You have known.
This would happen.
Not for long.
Bent and broken.
Withering away.
The truth was near.
Plain as day.
Prayer you say?
Words already spoken.
To be so confused.
You must be joking.
Live with your own doing.
Stubborn and ignorant.
Look how the tables have turned.
There is no wiping this away.
Like some simple germs.
Disrespect has been earned.
Participation increased the effect.
Even as an adult.
You have not learned yet.
Between your mind and delayed actions.
I see many improper fractions.
Simplified would have been best.
Choices taken destroyed the nest.
When others take charge.
Where authority lacks.
Why do you feel the need to snap back?
Face the facts or suffer in silence.
Not trying to be a theiving pirate.
Signing off, stepping away.
Ridiculous as this is.
Cray cray, cray cray.
To stay for the loss.
What will it cost?
Opportunities are knocking.
I will not be stopping.
Momentum to build.
Peace is my thrill.
God is behind the wheel.

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