Fuck Efficiency

You know what, my friend? Fuck it.
Some people think it lame? Well, fuck it.
I ain't afraid to shout it: fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it,
I want to be a tiny snail, and that’s it!
If I were a snail, I’d follow my own pace:
Slow, soft and savage.
No more useless race.
To my efficient feet, I bid goodbye.
Leave, and never come back!
I don’t need you, I have a home on my back
And the grass tickles my stomach.
What else should I need? I am a snail.
Stamp on my shell if you wish,
You grumpy o’clockish nut!
I will die the way I was born,
A slow, soft and savage spiral...
My horns will sail me to the moon and stars
Where I will dance, a constellation of the world.

Efficient feet,
Then, I hope you will stop and raise your eyes above time,
To look at me, gliding upon night.
When it happens, don’t be afraid to feel, slow, soft, and savage,
Shout it!

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