Full and Empty

There's too many thoughts in my head
Even when it's quiet and I'm lying alone in bed
My dreams take up so much space inside
I'm searching for answers I may never find
Fighting battle after battle, I ask myself, am I losing the war?
I look up for guidance but there's no answer at the door

Sometimes I wonder how much strength I have left
How do I refuel and make sure I'm ready for what's next?
In this life one seldom gets a break
And you can't run away from yourself
That endeavor is futile, it would be a mistake

No matter how I feel, who and what may come and go
I have to hold onto the person that I am and continue to grow
I can't always see the light on the other side
But I can make sure other people know they are loved
That they are not a waste, destined to be cast aside
The day that I stop loving and that I cease to care
On that day I will reconsider why I'm even here
For now I'll just dust myself off
And shift into another gear

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