Full Bloom At Last

There once was a flower who had immortality.
Flourishing in all its beauty. Existing in two worlds.
Never needing soil, sunlight, nor water.
Always in full bloom.
Through the warm and ice seasons; drenched and bathed in cold.
Covered in the mornings shaft of myriad light.
Cooling in the afternoons embrace.
Held up with love, and kissing through the bond of breezes.
Draped in pure, natural innocence.
Flowing with existence, and purpose.
Blissfully curled in perfection.
A velveteen heart; so gentle and beautiful.
Luminescent, and innocently gorgeous.
Tranquil disposition.
Enjoying the melodious sound of the rain softly falling,
Spreading its fragrances in the air.
Unconditionally accepting its captivation.
Exquisite essences.
Abundantly smiling. Living peacefully in spite of encompassing weeds.
Cutting open its breast, but protected by its own radiance.
Luminous at dusk, and blazing at dawn.
Gleaming in prosperity.
Illuminating dignity, this flower, in complete bloom...
she is...Gods daughter.

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