Further Back

Just as the light briefly shined gold
There; remains the hope of a story untold

For a moment; this symphony now interrupted
Another fermata, a soul corrupted
But this pause is of distinct intention
The song is only in brief suspension

It could never be me; on that side of the glass
Head held low with each distant pass
I worked hard, the promise held true
That same fate lies for those like you

The words of the promise are the same for all
But where we begin is a forgotten pitfall
It’s not about how you play, its who is winning the race
If this changed would you be in my place?

Those we admired, opened their minds
Yet we’re giving no fruit and only the rinds
If we truly are nothing but our own choices
What for those who were stripped of their voices?

Irrelevant to each others perceptions
We each condone our own exceptions
The vibrant corner returns to yellow and black
I would have gave; had he come further back

With the glow of emerald these thoughts fade
Still impenetrable to reality’s raid

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