You wasting your time trusting people
And now, you seeing a whole different sequel
But don't even try to change your personality
If you do that,everything turns into reality

When you mentioned babies, I been thinking about the future
Saw too many horrible things on Facebook and even on Twitter
Someone needs to step up and let the people listen
Because right now, everyone is not being a Christian

I'm not racist, so don't even hate
I don't vote for Donald Trump because he doesn't have any faith
I really don't want to move from America to Africa
I'll move to Puerto Rico,Mexico, or Canada

If Trump wins,Everyone's getting screwed
If Clinton wins, Men getting overruled
I don't care about the politics
I just care about how much light I would get

Don't make any noise, only your voice
I don't use any choice, I been using my voice
Love and hate are the sources the can get you in trouble
Fall asleep and waking up, "why I'm seeing doubles"
What's up?

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