Future Self

I don't apologize for the mistakes I make
Each decision I make, I learn, I grow
I may not make the decisions that are smart
Only that which my heart decides
I choose my path never knowing right or wrong
May not be fruitful, but always with best intent
Take courage, whatever path I take
It will be wrong to someone
But take the chance
Never regret the choices I've made
It's too late to change the past
The past is past; forgive, forget
So why fret over what you cannot change?
After all, as the old saying goes,
Hindsight is twenty-twenty
Only the future will reveal what should have happened,
So don't judge too hard
After all, I am you
Just remember all that you've lost
More importantly, all that you've gained
Love those around you
Cherish the time you have
Be the best you, for only you
Never give up, never surrender
Be happy, never look back, and remember the good
Never chase the future, it will come in time
Enjoy the present; after all it is a gift

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