Future Wife

Future wife
At least that's what I wish I could call you
Even on bad day's filtered my eyes to believe that the sky is blue
Of course I started to feel some type of way
Seeing you in school and walking with you every day
The quick way to your heart on my GPS was set
But the friendszone was the farthest I let myself get
My hugs, late night text, and gifts were supposed to ring a bell
When ever we went out "I got you covered" was a sign as well
But you were so oblivious to the hints you couldn't tell
I'd write my feelings about you on a page
To shy to express myself so locked those emotions in a cage
To nervous to tell you, scared we'd fall apart
Would die if we never again share the same heart
Then you ran and jumped on me and your mouth grasped my lips
My fingers caress your butt and palms slept on your voluptuous hips
That's what went on in my head
Every night I dreamed of us in my bed
6:30 am again for myself remorse
Cuz im scared to say I love you
And continue to ride the friendszone course

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