Gallery of Green

Sit within a frame,
on a small bench under a shady tree
on luscious grounds near a corner of a busy street.
Oak trees touch, arm to shoulder
forming a rich green umbrella,
as raindrops, like tiny slits of shavings,
fall through a leafy ceiling.
Threads of raindrops sliver down
onto glistening leaves, leaf after leaf,
onto moist scissors-cut grass,
out of which handsome palms shoot up
towering above the friendly oaks
whose branches hover over,
protecting spiteful slim cacti.
Among manly hedges,
feet above dainty poised shrubberies,
creepy vines weave wherever they will.
Yellow and purple flowers crochet the corners of grass.
My spot is a gauzed green canvas,
a picturesque quiet gallery of green.

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