The things we do for money and love
Do not always please our God above.
We break our laws and we break our rules,
And often times we look like fools.
But what say we, in our defense?
We claim to have called out our recompense.
And yet there we go once more,
Tumbling headfirst right through the same door,
Even if our goal has changed from last time,
We may still commit a repeated crime,
To achieve the goal we've made for ourselves,
And fall to a darkness where no sane man delves.
So caution to you, dear reader.
Remember that these temptations are not your leader.
One implores you to simply reconsider the fact,
That something like this requires tact.
Think long and hard about your means and your end,
And never allow you will to be forced to bend.
Your mind is your own as long as you know it,
And the path to clarity is now brightly lit.
So follow this path I've brightened for you.
And know this one fact to always be true:
You are your own person in every which way,
Don't let temptation control you any day.

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