Game of Life

Oh Papa, where to begin...
All I want is for you to win
I want you to win in this game of life
Please do it for our family, especially your wife
You may not know who I am at first glance
But it's alright because I'll do a dance
I'll do anything for you to get better
I'll do anything for you to notice me
The thought of you ever leaving us
Is just not something I can chance
So please don't let this cancer get the best of you
Because if it does, I won't know what to do
You're a strong man, this I know
If you try to leave me, all I'll say is "no"
Just sit in your chair and have a beer
I'll grab the whole family and we'll all yell "cheers!"
Throw your cowboy hat up in the air
Because there is nothing for you to fear
So let's just sit here and listen to your stories
Because there's no need for us to worry
You're going to beat this game of life
For our whole family, especially your wife

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