Game Over

I walk in darkness now, forever... on my own;
with burdens on my shoulders that are forever mine, and mine alone.

You can not help me so, don't even try;

Don't ask me why I don't smile unless you want the truth for, I will not lie.

Don't expect me to cry because I can do it no more;

don't ask me why because not even I know for sure.

I guess, it's like a fighting game. You know, with the bar of health;

people can only hurt you for so long til, you have nothing left.

Unless you've lived the life I led and played the hand I've been dealt;

you will never understand the pain that I've felt.

My life is a war that seems to have gone on forever;

I cannot win, my opponent is too clever.

I have fought and fought til, I can fight no more;

I have screamed to the top of my lungs and, all people have done is ignore.

I won't take this any more, my wits are at their end;

I will no longer fight, I will no longer defend.

I have nothing left, this game is over. I lose... you win.

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