Games of Life

Not in it for the Monopoly
Nor causing Trouble to impress
Leaving Candy Land for all you suckers
A living pawn in the daily game of Chess
I've Chute and Ladder'd over the years
Watched snake eyes strike me to tears
Took invention from a Tycoon disc
Planned strategically to various forms of Risk
World doesn't think you have Clue
Adversity striking, constantly whispering Guess Who
You can Scrabble onto every word made
Not knowing you lost before the Rooks been played
Just taking the Uno draw 4 slap
As society plants you into a human Mouse Trap
Seemingly stuck in their Twister
Spinning the Bottle, with no chance to kiss her
Yet I'm not about that Operation
I'm willing to Go Fish alone
I-1 is the code to the social Battleship
Hitting Blackjack well after 21 was shown
Chinese Checkered around the globe
Precisely playing the Dominoes is the probe
Using all my clubs and Spades for starts
On a journey for those diamonds with Hearts
Not feeling Sorry for opportunities that are thin
Taking each day wisely until I hit Phase 10
Realizing its a process to Connect Four
But i'm winning my Game of Life tour!!

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