Games of the Fog

No one knows why its so unforgiving
Or if its even safe to walk through;
Either way the experience is hypnotizing,
And will have you asking questions too.

Is that a ghost you see or is it just your mind
Well you better hope its just a mental projection;
Because seeing that will make the truth harder to find,
And how you act in this situation will certainly be your reflection.

Can you feel the bitter cold creeping down your spine
The nervous sweat that makes it even worse;
Questioning whether you're doing fine,
With the feeling of your chest beginning to hurt.

Though the fog itself is intimidating
Your brain projects what you want to see;
If you stress, the outcome can be horrifying,
So calm you shall be until you are free.

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This Poems Story

Sometimes in life we are hit with fog. It could be metaphorically, or an actual situation. Either way you still need to stay calm in this kind of situation. Fear is created in the mind, and is then projected in front of you in a fog. If you stay calm, you will make it through to the other side of the fog.