#gangstalking #targeted

You think psychotic
When you hear of people hearing voices
I know a dirty secret
Since they diagnosed me with it

I accepted it as a mental illness
Even blamed the drugs
For how it was caused

My world came crashing to the ground
Yet again because thats exactly what they want
I hear voices not in my head
Like in the distance or from somebody upstairs

I told myself I was imagining things
Little things that didn't add up
Like how certain people would know the things they say
Or how they seem to know it all and I have no privacy

They played with my mind for 7 years to date
Manipulating and calculating psychology
The day they made gangstalking pop up on its own
Thats when I lost almost all my hope

The harrassment began even before I knew
Rumours and posts but never confronting me
Always got told I'm a good person
Despite what they say
So I searched and searched but never found anything

So I'm left to deal with the mental abuse
I believed too long all that they told
And even more people involved than I know
It's too hard to accept that this is the world

Deception mixed in with all the truth
If you look to the past this how they do
They are only getting better
Greatest crime in history

What can you do?
Where do you go?
They can answer my prayers
They will never leave me alone

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