Garden of Eden

One fine day in the garden of Eden
the serpent said to Eve
just take a bite of this apple dear
and knowledge you will receive

But I can't take a bite of that apple
to do so, I'd surely die
but the serpent said
that's just one of God's old wives' tales
and on me you can rely

Well the day was hot and Eve was tired
and that apple sure looked good
so she took just one little bite
like the serpent knew she would

the serpent laughed as he went on his way
and Eve went for Adam to find
and he took a bite of that apple too
it was the downfall of all mankind

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This Poems Story

Most folks just call me Bobbi. I am an American Indian and have lived all my life in Central Florida. I am of Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole descent. I have been writing poems since I was ten years old. I am happily married and have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I am called the "Cracker Poet" around my hometown, and my poems are mostly about family and life.