Glimmering in eternal light that screeches
To feel its warmth my hand ever reaches
Forward and onward to its mirror glow
The wisest thing my heart wishes to know
It expands in all direction
Spreading life with the utmost discretion
And feeble men would laugh deducing it was nothing
Yet my mind can see that its her divinity that is coming
Into the night it strides perfectly between us all
It changes shape but isn't biased if your'e short or tall
Finding grace in its galaxies of oceans dancing in stars
You'll seem adrift in its valley of scars
Until its vastness brings about the end of all trouble
And destroys all doubts
You'll wonder the difference of whispers and shouts
And look for it again in all the rubble
As it takes you through the nebula of memories old and new
It becomes apparent that it is all and so much more
It defines the things that make you into two
The side of bad and the one of good wait in store
To see the light that screeches from above
And all its glory heals when push comes to shove
That's how in the end, I'll know, its love

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