Gas Bodies

Hands, fingers
All grasping at nothing, grasping at air and dust
Rippling with animal desperation
I am reminded of that day not so long ago
When you told me again
And I had forgotten

The stars burn brightly
Then lie extinguished in their own filth
They do not reach out, only scream
The world reverberates with their wailing
It reaches to them
But space is oh so large…

And I am reminded of yesterday
When you had told me in finality
And departed
But I had already forgotten who you used to be

The hands don’t remember
Yet they grasp and claw and cry
Searching for something they never know
Searching for something they never find
I could join them, but it hardly matters
Every hand in existence, and I could not reach you
All the world’s a cage
And you died among the stars.

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