Gas Chamber

What is happening to us, Mommy?
What's going to happen tonight?
There's nothing but scratches on these walls,
And above us a faint light

Why is there a man guarding the door,
His face filled with disgust,
And why are only scars covering your face,
And your cheeks terribly flushed?

Why do you try to hide it, Mommy?
You know I see you cry
And why do you look so panicked and scared,
As if we're about to die?

I remember the shrill the other night
And the sound of a great big boom,
When the men came and gave you a fright
And then took me out of my room

When separated our family, Mommy,
I knew this was the end,
But now I ask you here Mommy
Were they enemies or a friend?

I remember you pacing around as if
You didn't know what is right?
What is happening to us Mommy?
What's going to happen tonight?

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