My mind—put
In a man-made fog
It’s light and airy
I can see the bog-------
People letting me know they can hear
Every word I say in this house here
Out in the streets they paint the scene
Out in the streets that is there means
Of torture, to punish, to make me afraid
My minds made up I will stand in praise

For them I pray to GOD throughout the days
I say ‘I pray for them LORD, but I am un-amazed’
The ugly games they tend to play
Gives credence to something so ugly I’m dismayed
In my life I’ve seen death, and murder
I’ve seen women raped, beat and children mistreated
But, in all my days Lord the things I’ve seen
Can’t compare to the torture this neighborhood deems
The people so sad for them I feel
They’ve no feelings of love just ones of ill will

A Girl who once loved all and always
Now tortured, a sin eater now fell by the byway
So, enter the fog, that man-made snow
The blowing of smoke to make me choke!
Now-- again I pray—I will go on
A sin eater at best—my life is ruined.

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