I'm depressed because he changed his mind about me
We were in love so how could it be?
I dont cry about anymore I'm glad
But even the damage he spread made satan sad

He is a fighter
A lighter
He lit my doubts and fears
He stole one of my most precious years
He personally grew the flames that suffacated our love
I used to consider he a rare gift from above

A hypocrite is he really
Immature, unmotivated, and rude lately
I spent more of my hours in the place where I was paid
He couldn't comprehend the hard decisions I made
Truly, he lacked communication which led to his misery I heard Despite him never saying a word poor choices of words directed at him I'll admit
But he never said was offended by it
Impactful words cascaded from my mouth I'll claim
However, it's not my fault separation came
I'm depressed because I blame myself you see?
I'm depressed because he blames me
What a gaslighter is he

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