Gathering Friends

Frantic running to the store.
Get some champagne then some more.
Did the cake turn out ok?
If it didn't what will they say?
Is the hallway clean enough?
I'm always left in such a huff
when getting ready for friends arrival
no spot or blemish is thought too trifle.
The table's ready. No change the forks!
We have enough napkins but different sorts.
They are arriving. First one then two.
At first I thought just a few.
Then groups arrived at our front door.
The phone calls said there would be more.
The greetings started, first me then others
like long lost family ,like sisters and brothers
bringing cakes and pastries, salads and such.
Filling the table. It seems like so much.
Lets pop a cork and get this thing started.
It's been so long since last we have parted.
Who was it got married to start a new family,
and others had kids and are getting along handily.
I see you're getting along fine since your operation.
My kids are spread out across the nation.
I visit my parents to help with their troubles.
The things that they do my mind is all muddled.
How have you been? Oh here comes some more.
We're all talking together there is such a roar
of voices beseeching the latest news
to bind us together, the words are like glues
that reach out with memories which will bind
the friendship we have deep in our minds.
The mimosa's done flowing. The cakes are gone too.
The evenings descending, conversations are few.
As we wave our goodbyes and they go up the hill,
the laughter in their voices give me a thrill.
But their voices still echo in the coming dawn
as empty rooms remind me that they're gone.

Thomas A Logsdon 2/10/2016 c/o

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