Gator in the Cold

Frozen are my muscles as I leap in,
He yells at me to hurry because he wants me to win
Each pull leaves me so tired,
I remember when I wanted to get in, but it has backfired
The waves come crashing cold on my neck,
Oh how I feel such a wreck
The turns leave my empty stomach so nauseous,
I wish I had eaten before and been more cautious
Every kick leaves me out of air,
My competition is much older and this isn't fair
I thank the water for hiding my tears,
I feel a ringing begin in my ears
The chlorine makes my skin tighter,
I know I can make it through because I am a fighter
I touch the wall and realize I am done,
The joy that fills me when I realize I have won
This is my sport beside it being grim,
I will love it to the day I die and always swim

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This Poems Story

I am a freshman at UHSSE in Hartford, CT. I am the youngest of four boys, and I have a dog named Blue. My hobbies include soccer and playing violin. I was inspired to write this poem when someone close to me started to make negative comments about swimming. This poem was meant to encourage him and show the upside to swimming. The descriptions that I include are my personal feelings when swimming. This poem implies that you get out of swimming what you put in, and I wanted to restore his hope in the sport.