Gazing at the Stars [5.18.2016]

The night grows darker now
Clouds have been forming for awhile now
A cold winter breeze settles in
And at the center, he stands alone

He isn't sad and he isn't angry
He's not depressed, just a little lonely
Not because there is nobody around
It's just because no one understands him

He stands like a statue against the cold
Waiting for something to happen, to unfold
He stands in a valley of darkening dusk
Inside his own mind of stories and books

When he looks at the stars, he gazes and wonders
He thinks about things that should've been
How each decision could have led him to greater heights
But instead, he stands, gazing at the sights

A mist settles in the valley now
As he stands there, slowly he disappears
Soon he is invisible, like always before
And nobody notices, he is no more

It's not because he wasn't loved, or that nobody cared
It's not because he was hated or someone to fear
It's simply because he wasn't something amazing
He was just a statue, who spent his life gazing

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